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Paula Allen

website for a social documentary photographer :: Paula Allen

This website was designed for a social documentary photographer whose prolific work deals with people whose lives are far removed from what might be considered a comfortable life — usually not by choice. The emotional tenor of the work ranges from extreme grief to joy, the colors from stark black and white to vibrant African colors. The site was designed to provide a neutral but high-contrast backdrop that could suit all the many images.

This site was published in April 2008.
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i wake to this response to the site and wanted to share it with you. its from another photographer and if i didnt already know how successful this site is, i know it now.... 'Looking at your photographs makes me feel as if I am seeing, hearing, feeling you. […] your site seems like an appropriate medium to communicate the vastness and the motivation of your work. It really works. It will inspire. Congratulations.'

—Paula A (+friend)

web design: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
programming: Stephanie Gratzer