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web design for an artist :: Judith Stahl Schidlowsky

This is a site we’d originally designed for the client in 2012. Rather than a complete redesign, the client requested a change from the original brown-based palette.

As the site was an older one, using graphics for headers and links and also background images that were brown-based, the changes required a bit more than just “changing the background color”.

We found a new webfont for the headers and links, chose new background and highlight colors and created several new background images.

The result is a cooler and more neutral look through the site with some pages significantly freshened up with the new background images.

This site was published in April 2017.
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It is for me a pleasant and rewarding time, when we work together to come to the best possible creation. As I have expressed before you create and do not compromise, which is the most important core point of departure! Your approach is with the other side in mind and not with you in mind. Rare to find!!

—Judith S.

web design: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
programming: Stephanie Gratzer