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web design for a sculptor & media artist :: Hey-Yeun Jang

This website was designed for an artist who had developed decades of work without any web presence. The artist’s work is characterized by enigma and ambivalence, often suggesting the experience of being stifled but without explanation of cause. She sought to have a website that would reflect this quality in her work so that the experience of being on her website would be a very close, strong and unmistakable introduction to the work itself.

To achieve this, we worked with the artist to create thumbnails that are animated mini-versions of her moving image works; sometimes even new pieces in their own right. We set up an environment in which each work could be presented in a way that suits it best, rather than showing every work the same way. There is little text—and even some of the text disappears onscreen as the user reads it.

The result is a site that is uniquely suited to this one artist.

This site was published in April 2018.
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web design: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
programming: Jack Vijay, Murugan Ganesan