web design for a jazz singer in New York :: Hadiza Dockeray

This website was designed for a jazz singer/songwriter as she was in the process of “re-emerging”, having spent time singing in Paris and now needing to establish herself back in New York. The main goal of the site was to provide a showcase of her work which her agent could use in the course of seeking new bookings.

We designed the site around her video, audio and photos to make it easy to get a sense of her performing style. Some clips are provided in full; others in snips (to encourage sales).

The singer’s voice is often described as honey-toned and we gave the whole site a honey-toned palette to reinforce her whole performance style.

This site was published in May 2013. To view our more contemporary designs, please visit Recent Websites.

web design by Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
programming: Jingni Liu