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web design for an artist / actor :: Flaura Xia

This artist wanted a portfolio site to display her visual, performing, musical and written art and requested that it have a “clean, vibrant, energetic look”.

The challenge was to create a site that would maintain a harmonious balance between these various practices, while enabling the young artist to develop any or all of these areas further.

We used a self-portrait by the artist as a bold introduction to the entire body of the artist’s work on the homepage and then created layouts that used very similar elements to navigate the four artwork portfolios (eg large square thumbnails for the visuals and similar square boxes for the written-piece excerpts).

The result is is site that is clear and simple to navigate and creates a strong impression for all the artist’s work.

This site was published in January 2016.
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web design: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
programming: Tanise Williams