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website design for a jeweler

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The request for this website was “We’re looking for a fresh approach/design that is sophisticated and elegant, yet a bit earthy and spiritual that will showcase the extremely colorful offerings.”

The client had five distinct collections of jewelry and we designed six very special background images—one for general pages and one for each collection. Images evoking the blend of ancient and contemporary influences were collaged into fantasy map-like backgrounds featuring the outline of a neck and shoulders.

The site was contained within the 950x560px backgrounds, using custom-designed inner scrollbars for the two pages with long-scrolling content.The site has been adapted for larger screens since publication (not by us, but re-using the background images, stretched) but it was originally a site that was as exquisite as the jewelry.


This site was published in October 2010.
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web design: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe