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web design for photographic artist :: April Mountfort

We had designed the previous site for this artist in 2010 and at the point at which the artist needed to add a new section, we also decided to move the site into a content management system and slightly change the layouts to be even more minimal as well as responsive for all devices.

What we particularly wanted to keep, at least for large-screen views, was the irregular thumbnail arrays. What we’d done in the original site was build out an irregular array of thumbnails for each portfolio. The arrays grow in the same manner but with different number of images in each portfolio, they all look slightly different. We used larger thumbnails in the new design but kept the same format; changing to larger thumbnails in straight columns for small-screen devices.

The ever-growing menu of portfolios has been hidden into a mobile menu even for desktops to enable immediate access to any portfolio without the long menu taking attention on the screen.

The result is a beautiful minimal artist’s website where almost all the content is visual, allowing the artist to remain behind the scenes but present her work.

This site was published in August 2016.
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web design: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
programming: Jack Vijay