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Working with Rohesia to create my website was a real pleasure -- not something one usually encounters with technological matters. She has so many many creative ideas and was also very responsive to mine. All modifications have been made quickly and efficiently. And the results perfectly suit my needs! Rohesia is also a lovely person, and I recommend her wholeheartedly!!

- Toni L. (on LinkedIn)

Thanks again for everything, and the speed of your upgrades to the site and responses to my questions. You guys are the best! [David] has an exhibition ongoing in Paris right now, and upcoming exhibitions through the Spring and Summer, and the website is an important tool, indeed.

- Judy H.

It was such a pleasure to work with Rohesia and I thought she did an amazing job with my site -- I've gotten so many compliments on it! She was especially good at listening and taking in info about me and my work, then coming up with a design that I never would have thought of in a million years, was elegant and original, and perfectly captured the 'feeling' of what we wanted to express...I definitely recommend her without reservation.

- Rebecca C (on LinkedIn)

I looked at several artist website designers sites before I chose Rohesia to design my website. The sites she had designed were each unique and simply beautiful, and a reflection of the artwork on them. I love my site! (It is so unique, the worldwide traffic is awesome too...)

- Becki S.

I really like your new website. It is as smooth as a baby's butt.

- Friend of Kevin's

i wake to this response to the site and wanted to share it with you. its from another photographer and if i didnt already know how successful this site is, i know it now.... 'Looking at your photographs makes me feel as if I am seeing, hearing, feeling you. […] your site seems like an appropriate medium to communicate the vastness and the motivation of your work. It really works. It will inspire. Congratulations.'

- Paula A (+friend)


- Deborah G.

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work on the site and tell you how great it looks. Again, THANK YOU so much!.

- Michael C.

Well that was a happy surprise! I finally got around to taking a look and I wish you could have heard my 'outloud' exclamation when the home page came up. I love it. I love the color and that wild little nest right where it is.

- Susan H.

so you should know...because it is always great to hear good things....... the response from the photographers I have sent my site really great....... they love the design!!!!!!!!! I have sent the site out to many photographer that they can look of course but also because they will also tell me if something is wrong as well. I have gotten rave reviews from many!!!!!!!!!!!!......'lots of pics but you never get caught anywhere...great design, clean, photo central etc......' So that is terrific and you should know this!!!!!!!!!!! my work is a lot about slow looking and some how the design helps this happen. It has been really interesting to hear people talk about my work via the site, the time they have spent looking...... It confirms to me the notion that if the design is right that there is an intimacy that one can attain on the web.....

- Karen M.

As you see Eric likes our website..... 'Hello Denise I love your web site. Beautiful!...' We have been so thankful for the wonderful website. It has been so useful - for example when people were contacting us about the managers job - we could put them onto the site to see what the place looked like!

- Denise D.

That site [ Karen Marshall's] is incredible! I really like the way it is organized and the overall feel, colors and impact it has. You have quite a gift! We always get compliments on the one you did for Mark as well.

- Carmela B.