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I'm so stoked with the website that Rohesia and her team created for my performance work. We were able to create something that was both simple and sensitive to my work's premise, and I didn't expect how happy I would be with the result. Rohesia was concise, sensitive and understanding of my needs through the whole process, especially during difficult periods when she made sure I came back on my feet. Specifically, the simple yet vivid navigation of the website, such as the icons and the layout of the Project Index page, deserves praise as it was the hardest to program. Thankyou Rohesia!! I look forward to working with you again in the future. xxx

- Mark K. (on Facebook)

My experiences with her were excellent and 100% satisfactory during the whole period of building my website. I am highly recommend her service to all people.

- Julian H. (on Google)

Awwww Rohesia, how beautiful to see this! It looks so wonderful. Thank you so much for all your work, help and guidance. It is truly a pleasure to work with you.

- Karin FF

It is for me a pleasant and rewarding time, when we work together to come to the best possible creation. As I have expressed before you create and do not compromise, which is the most important core point of departure! Your approach is with the other side in mind and not with you in mind. Rare to find!!

- Judith S.

My wonderful web designer, Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe of Hamiltro Website Design, shares her process of creating the new website for my graphic novel trilogy. Her empathy for and understanding of artists' work creates the best possible design.

- Susanna P (on Facebook)

Throughout this process, I have felt connected with you from a distance, and truly overwhelmed with gratitude that I reached out to you and you agreed to work with me. I had a feeling inside that I wanted translated on a website, but I didn't have any look in mind whatsoever. When we spoke over the phone, it felt absolutely right. So, it feels like an enormous gift to receive your artistry, spirit, and great skill in the work you delivered for me. I never really let go of feelings of gratitude, and I will always be grateful for what you've created for me!

- Tami K.

Absolutely wonderful! I came in with nebulous ideas: non-grid-like, darker, chaotic, and thanks to your patient suggestions and artistic/technical creativity we have a site that does all of that. You should be very proud of your work …

- Chris O.

Frank's new website went live a few weeks ago in preparation for this launch. I spent six months working on it with an amazing web designer, Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe. She captured my vision for the site and the branding we wanted to achieve, was tireless in answering my many questions, and enthusiastically shared my attention to detail.

- Cheryl C. (from web-release announcement)

Rohesia, your work is an inspiration! You’re visionary and provocative, and your immense talent for webdesign gives us a loving shout-out to the world.

- Jane M.

I am so incredibly grateful I found you to do my website, I truly am so pleased with all your efforts.

- Robin T.

Rohesia helped me to construct a website for my yoga retreat and wellbeing business. She made the whole process as easy and direct as possible for me. Her communication was clear and detailed. She always took the time to explain how each step in the proces would work. I felt like she listened to what I wanted and that was reflected in the final version of the website. I was really pleased with the overall outcome and would recommend her services.

- Cushla S. (on Facebook)

I know my project has been a challenge but you have succeeded with flying colors. Thanks.

- Mondu