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It's just so special- I get many compliments on it from prospective patients and those are the ones who are always a good fit. So literally, it works as a screening tool. I wasn’t anticipating that consequence but it has served to be really really helpful.

- Laura I.

You designed a gorgeous website. You created exactly what I wanted and I was absolutely delighted by the artwork and the beauty.

- DL

I just spent the last hour looking at every image and reading every word on your new site. It is so perfectly “you”. I think the designer really understood what you wanted to convey, and I hope you agree with that.

- Marge

You may be interested to hear that we have a website consultant staying with us and he offered to check the website. You passed with flying colours!! Not that I had any doubts you understand but it was just that he offered and how could I resist? He said that he could find nothing that needed changing and it was a well laid out site and easy to find the information.

- Ian B.

Hey Rohesia...already getting some fantastic feedback on the site...and someone asked for your contact info...congrats and thanks for an amazingly creative job!

- John T.

Also, my crack programmer/designer team, Rohesia Metcalfe, if you need someone to design/create a site, she's fantastic! She really worked patiently and tirelessly to help me launch this with integrity.

- Joanne K. (from site launch announcement)

The site looks clean and bright, and fun/happy. It feels good.

- Michael K.

Gee, what more could a girl ask for? The website is beautiful!!! Thank you.

- Wendy W.W.

I would like to congratulate you and your team. Well deserved award, for a work which is totally devoted and loyal to art. You create and produce websites which reflect a total respect and commitment to the artistic process.

- Matthias S.

The website is very pleasing and I'm enjoying working with it. Of course, if you ever need a recommendation don't hesitate to have people contact me. I know from googling, that this is just one of your hats. You wear it very well.


This is stunning! Brilliant colors that move and flow.

- Kerri C.

Rohesia! We're very happy with the website!! I particularly love the 'about' page!! Great use and placement of pictures!!!

- Mary O.