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website design for a dancer and fitness instructor

This website was designed for a dancer, choreographer and fitness instructor whose business was already doing well by reputation and referrals. What he wanted was a repository of information to save him from having to send lengthy emails to people.

This required finding a way to both provide a general overview as well as access to full descriptions (with images and videos for each) for 33 different areas of his work in three broad categories.

We created one navigation band for the general overview and calendar links and another for the three broad categories of his work—each of which allowed for easy access to the sub-categories of work so users could quickly find the information they needed.

The result is a site which serves the purpose of introducing the client to new visitors as well as making it easy for those users to find the information that is specific to their need. All done with a design that incorporates a strong visual introduction to the client’s lively personality.

This site was published in October 2011.
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web design: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
programming: Stephanie Gratzer