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website design for an academic and author

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The goal for this website was to enable new visitors to get a broad overview of the client’s decades of work in economic sociology research, to enable relevant material to be easily found by search engines for other researchers, and also to enable deeper research within the site.

To achieve this, we designed the site to display the author’s work in three broad sections (research, books, articles & chapters) with contextual and other information is other sections.

The homepage provides easily-browsed introductions to all the main sections and the entire site follows a drill-down approach with brief descriptions provided at higher levels so that users do not have to click any link without knowing what to expect at the page they reach.

The site features a light teal palette with orange highlights and pages are left with plenty of white space to allow for easy reading and navigation.

This site was published in April 2019.
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The website looks fabulous. Great to work with. Many thanks for this amazingly well design website!

—- V. Nee

web design: Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe
programming: Murugan Ganesan