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Some clients have no idea what they want their website to look like and that’s fine. Some have quite a strong idea and this was one of those. This was the client’s concept:

I would like the Janus figure on the home page (top center), with the page split into a pale blue side on the left for Poet & Librettist and pale green on the right for Independent Fundraising Consultant. And then I’d like to continue those colors as background their respective sections, adding a small title (Poet & Librettist or Independent Fundraising Consultant) at upper left of each page to remind people where they are.

I am thinking about having a general paragraph about myself on the home page, in a frame that is centered across the two colors. Maybe the background of the frame would be white. Visitors would click on Poet & Librettist or Independent Fundraising Consultant to enter the pages that belong to each.

This site was published in September 2009.
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Working with Rohesia to create my website was a real pleasure -- not something one usually encounters with technological matters. She has so many many creative ideas and was also very responsive to mine. All modifications have been made quickly and efficiently. And the results perfectly suit my needs! Rohesia is also a lovely person, and I recommend her wholeheartedly!!

—Toni L. (on LinkedIn)

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