The Team

Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe - designer & developer of custom websites

Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe designs websites that create a strong and unique impression for each of her clients. The principal and designer for Hamiltro Website Design, she has been creating websites for artists and small businesses since 1998.

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Stephanie Gratzer has been our Senior Programmer since 2007 and has created a custom content management system that is flexible and robust. Her instinct to find the most elegant solution to technical problems is invaluable.

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Alyssa Witte - content manager for web design company

Alyssa Witte takes care of uploading initial content into websites. With a keen eye for things that need a fix, she also tests sites on various platforms and she has made instructional videos for clients.

Tanise Williams web developer

Tanise Williams is a junior web developer who originally joined the hamiltro team as an intern in 2015. She has a solid background in html, css and javascript and has been working with our custom-cms-based sites.

Freelance Programmers

hamiltro website design also works with Munir Kamal and other independent programmers for sites developed in Wordpress and other platforms.