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    The Process


    How Much Does A Website Cost?

      The price for what you want will depend on factors that include how large a site you want, how uniquely-designed you want your website to be, and what features you would like to be included. When you request a quote, it is good to provide as much information as you can.

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    How Do I Buy A Domain Name and Web Hosting?

      Domain registration and hosting do not need to be purchased through the same company, so you may like to shop around for domain registration, as prices vary. However, our top recommendation for a hosting company — — offer one free domain name registration with each hosting account, so that is our recommendation.

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    How Will I Get The Content For My Website To You?

      Usually what we do is create a Dropbox folder into which you can upload your content (texts, images, mp3 files, mp4 files and pdfs) and from which we can download it.

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    Questions That Come Up During Development

    Can You Set Up A Donation Page For Me?

      Yes. The simplest and least expensive method is to embed a Paypal donate button on your site (does not need to be the generic Paypal-looking button). We can do this for you entirely as long as you have a Paypal account and give us a user login — or you can create the button in Paypal yourself (follow their instructions) and just give us the button code they’ll give you.

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    Can You Set Up Email For Me?

      Yes. We can set up domain-based email for you as soon as you have purchased your domain name and hosting space (eg from

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    Once The Website Is Launched

    How Do I Update My Website?

      Unless you have requested a static html site, we will develop your website in a content management system with a user interface that does not require knowledge of code. Instructions will be provided.

    Can I Check How Many People Are Visiting My Site?

      Yes you can. We can set you up with a Google Analytics account and you’ll be able to see not only how many people are visiting but also much more.

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