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She was especially good at listening and taking in info about me and my work, then coming up with a design that I never would have thought of in a million years, was elegant and original, and perfectly captured the ‘feeling’ of what we wanted to express…

— Rebecca W. Carman

The website is fantastic – full of good taste, elegance, yet simple, user-friendly and the home-page is extraordinary, an ingenious idea. My wife definitively found the right person to design her website. The feedback from my colleagues round the world has been very, very positive.

— Matthias S.

Well that was a happy surprise! I finally got around to taking a look and I wish you could have heard my “outloud” exclamation when the home page came up. I love it. I love the color and that wild little nest right where it is.

— Susan H.

I just spent the last hour looking at every image and reading every word on your new site. It is so perfectly “you”. I think the designer really understood what you wanted to convey, and I hope you agree with that.

— Re: Frhog Hollow Studios

I looked at several artist website designers sites before I chose Rohesia to design my website. The sites she had designed were each unique and simply beautiful, and a reflection of the artwork on them. I love my site! (It is so unique, the worldwide traffic is awesome too…)

— Becki Smith

Everyone loves the website and people have already asked me who designed it.

— A.Shalit

The website looks fantastic: a simple elegant approach. I’ve already had lots of compliments — it has hit the spot.

— A. Mountfort

Every comment I’ve gotten since I began sending it out is 100% positive!

— Jack Massey

I want to thank you SO MUCH for building the website. I know it was a small job and I’m very, very grateful that you agreed to do it. The website is a critical part of the marketing of the book and I wanted to get it right with a minimal budget. And what you have done has exceeded even the very high initial expectations that I had after going through the wonderful examples in your portfolio on your website.

— G. Blencoe

Video Content on your Website

November 9, 2014

I keep getting information that tells me that video is the way to engage people on your website.

And yes, it’s true that video on your website is a GOOD THING.

For these 5+ reasons:

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